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We the norse

Viking re-enactors are the biggest thing you don’t know about yet.

From Poland to Texas to B.C. there are thousands of registered re-enactors and their numbers are steadily growing. This is “Living History” where people recreate a full life based on archeological findings – they make their own clothes, they forge their own weapons, they even have historically accurate Viking dogs.

This is the story of Torvik, Ontario’s first Viking re-enactment group.

We follow Nadim, an Egyptian-Canadian who is the leader of Torvik and one of the youngest leaders in Canada. We’ll also follow Lindsay, the aspiring botanist, who transforms to Eydis the shield maiden. We’ll follow Josh, who becomes Thorbjørn the Viking Berserker; and Jorge, the IT tech who becomes Jørge Jørgessen, the bastard monk-turned-mercenary.

Once a year, all of the Vikings from around the globe will gather in Gimli Manitoba where all of the Viking elders will meet to discuss the future of recreating the past. Our main characters have never been but they’re going to make their first pilgrimage this year. Will they be able to get there?

This is a story of ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

So join us, for tonight we feast in Valhalla… or the local Tim Horton’s.

Whichever is closer.

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